Weight Control without Diets or Exercise!

Eat Smart and Lose Weight shatters the myth that the only way to lose, maintain, or control weight with diets or exercise.

Eat Smart and Lose Weight is packed with over 200 scientifically proven, research-backed, easy-to- implement tips and tricks on how to lose, maintain, or control your weight without diets or exercise.  

Chapters include:

  •         Eating Smart
  •         Table Tactics
  •         Kitchen Tricks
  •         Binge Prevention
  •         Weight-Friendly Habits
  •         and more 

Lose weight, or maintain your weight without any of the unpleasant things normally associated with losing weight, and keeping it off.

NO calorie counting

NO giving up your favorite foods

NO going hungry

NO skipping dessert

NO hours of exercising or working out

Eat Smart and Lose Weight is a compilation of scientifically proven, research-backed tips, weight loss tricks and tactics culled from dozens of medical, scientific, academic, and professional journals.

Eat Smart and Lose Weight reveals some of the best-kept secrets on how to lose weight and keep it off for good. – tips, tricks, and tactics the multi-billion dollar diet and weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know and hopes you never find out since their products and services are not involved.

The tips, tricks, and techniques in Eat Smart and Lose Weight are easy to implement and adaptable to any age, gender, lifestyle, budget, food preference, or eating situation.

And there are no side effects!

Now you can enjoy eating without worrying about your weight!

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