Eat Your Snack from a Small Bowl, NOT from the Box or Bag

My Eat Smart tip about not eating snacks straight from the package appeared on the website recently in an article by Lainey Younkin entitled 5 Things You Should Never Do After 5 P.M. If You're Trying to Lose Weight, According to a Dietitian.

It was tip #2 and it appeared this way:

Eating straight out of the bag 
"Don't snack straight out of the bag or box," says Ruth Houston, author of the upcoming book Eat Smart and Lose Weight: Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise
. "You risk losing track of how much you've eaten. Measure out one portion for yourself (maybe two). And put the box or bag away and let that be it."

We've all been there: 

Sitting in front of the TV, mindlessly munching away, you plunge your hand in the bag (or box) for more, only to find it empty.  

And you’re shocked to realize you ate the whole thing.

That’s why I discourage snacking on potato chips, cookies, and other munchies right out of the box or bag.  It’s easy to lose track of how much you're eating.

Don’t let your Netflix binge turn into a food binge too. If you're watching your weight, this is something you can't afford to do.

Here’s what I recommend.

  • ·         Instead of eating straight from the package, take out one serving and put it in a small bowl, (Or on a napkin or a small plate.)
  • ·         Don’t even take one bite until you have closed the package and put it away.
  • ·         Do not leave the bag or box sitting on the kitchen counter where you can easily help yourself to more.
  • ·         Leave the kitchen and enjoy your snack in another room where you won’t be tempted to go back for seconds. 

These tips are taken from the chapter on Binge Prevention in my upcoming book Eat Smart and Lose Weight: Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise.

Which contains over 300 research-backed tips and tricks for losing weight without going on a diet, counting calories, or giving up your favorite foods.

One of My Weight Loss Tips was Featured on 

Just wanted to let  all my “Fellow Foodies” know that Keenan Mayo from the healthy eating website, Eat This, Not That, quoted a tip from me a few days ago in his article, "Sneaky Ways You're Gaining Weight and Don't Know It, Say Experts."

My tip calls attention to why it’s not good to put food platters on the table when serving family meals - especially, if you’re watching your weight. 

It was one of 12 tips contributed by various other experts in the field, and taken from my upcoming book, Eat Smart and Lose Weight: Research-backed Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise.  

My tip (which appears below) warned about putting serving platters on the family table, and briefly explained how this practice can contribute to gaining weight. With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, it’s a good tip to keep in mind.  

You Dine with Platters on the Table, Thanksgiving-Style

One of the easiest ways to avoid over-eating is to make it slightly more difficult to actually reach your food. Conversely, one of the sneakiest ways to overeat is to simply have the entire smorgasbord in front of you all along.

"Putting platters on the table is one way you're guaranteeing that you're going to eat more than you want to," says health and food journalist Ruth Houston. "This will only encourage and facilitate a second and third helping. Instead, always plate your food in the kitchen, restaurant-style."


New Focus for the Foodie Ruth Blog

Hi Fellow Foodies!

Prior to COVID-19, I had been working for quite a while on a book about cruise ship food, when it occurred to me that I should share some of my food adventures with all you fellow foodies on this blog.

However, because the Corona Virus pandemic shut down cruise travel (and most other travel, as well) my travel-related food adventures have come to a screeching halt. Luckily I was also working on another book project, so most of my food writing efforts will be focused on that.

Even though my restaurant reviewing food lecturing, food-related travel adventures are on temporary hold, I’ll always will be an avid “Foodie,” and food will continue to play a major role in my life. 

In view of the above, I’ll be changing the focus of my food blog to include a mix of the following food-related things:

·        Delicious new food discoveries

·        Eating adventures closer to home

·        Fond food memories and unforgettable food experiences from years past

·        Recipes and cooking tips

·        My observations and opinions about food-related things

·        Weight loss tips from the research for my upcoming book entitled Eat Smart and Lose Weight: Research-backed Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise

·        Interesting “food facts” from weight loss studies and research as to why some things work and others don’t.

·        Periodic updates on the progress of the book

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading about these things as much as I’ll enjoy sharing them with you.

Meanwhile – Happy Eating!