New Focus for the Foodie Ruth Blog

Hi Fellow Foodies!

Prior to COVID-19, I had been working for quite a while on a book about cruise ship food, when it occurred to me that I should share some of my food adventures with all you fellow foodies on this blog.

However, because the Corona Virus pandemic shut down cruise travel (and most other travel, as well) my travel-related food adventures have come to a screeching halt. Luckily I was also working on another book project, so most of my food writing efforts will be focused on that.

Even though my restaurant reviewing food lecturing, food-related travel adventures are on temporary hold, I’ll always will be an avid “Foodie,” and food will continue to play a major role in my life. 

In view of the above, I’ll be changing the focus of my food blog to include a mix of the following food-related things:

·        Delicious new food discoveries

·        Eating adventures closer to home

·        Fond food memories and unforgettable food experiences from years past

·        Recipes and cooking tips

·        My observations and opinions about food-related things

·        Weight loss tips from the research for my upcoming book entitled Eat Smart and Lose Weight: Research-backed Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise

·        Interesting “food facts” from weight loss studies and research as to why some things work and others don’t.

·        Periodic updates on the progress of the book

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading about these things as much as I’ll enjoy sharing them with you.

Meanwhile – Happy Eating! 

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